Dhan-Dhan Baba Shri Chand Maharaj Ji
Udasin Braham Akhara
Sat Naam Shri Wahe Guru
Baba shri Chand ji was the elder son of Gurunank Devji, the mentor of poor. When Gurunank devji living with his elder sister in Sultanpur baba shri Chand was born in 1551, 9th day of Bhadon from mother Sulkhani. Baba was having an natural earing in his ear his hair was golden bright. At the time of his birth whole the room was field a special type of fragrance emanated from a heap of flowers but there was no flowers seen in the room. When sister Naanki told Guru Nanak ji that a son has born in your house, Guru Nanak ji replied in the form of a smile which was the answer to the congratulations. Guru sahib ji was working in Grain store in Sultanpur . When he gets time from the work of grain store, he went to satsangi guru ji for a sitting. First guru ji deliver divine massage and then help then meditation. Baba shri Chand ji at that time was about 2 years old he also go to the gathering and sit there, read there or move his mouth like others do the meditation as the children's are of the habit of imitating their elders. Baba shri Chand ji was also doing someone but like this when he became 2 years old, one day he shut the door of the house and helped of a lot of children's in doing prayer of God in chides tone. At that time guru ji came and become very happy to see him doing this and blessed him. When baba became 7 years old guru ji decided to separate the divine massage throughout the world or it's welfare. He handed over baba shri Chand ji to Bebe Nanaki and told her that don't take this child as ordinary; he will become a famous sant due to his meditation, prayer, love. After that guru ji left for his divine mission. Bebe Nanki never allowed baba shri Chand ji to remain away from her sight even for a movement, whenever he want to go somewhere then the kamliya ji accompanied him. Kamliya ji was little elder to baba ji and guru ji appointed him for the care of baba ji. While working in grain store guru ji was taking his meals at home. At bed time during night guru ji told him the stories of various saints and devotees to divert his mind and his was also listening the stories very carefully. Guru ji wakeup at mid night to take his bath and the sit in the meditation. Sometimes baba shri chand ji also wakeup and when he saw guru ji sitting then he also sit like him. Baba ji was very conscious and wise internally he thought that there is some good thing that is why my father is sitting with his eyes closed. He also remain sitting with his eyes closed. In this way he became habitual of such sitting. Guru ji became very happy with this full sitting of his son and he told him to practice the secrete divine massage he told him the method of meditation and prayer. When baba ji became 11 years old then he became habitual of meditation to such an extent that he remains sitting for many days with his mind stationary or control. While baba ji was doing meditation in the jungle, kamliya ji was also praying besides him. When baba ji came sultanpur after 8 years of meditation and meat nanki ji, then baba ji put his head on the feet of his guru father, it seems that he was clamped to the feet. He did not raged at his own but guru ji lifted his beloved son and embargoed him as the father and son were betting after a gap of 8 years. That whole night guru ji delivered the divine message to baba shri chand ji
Dhan - Dhan Baba Shri Chand Maharaj Ji